Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

-Helen Keller

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Couple & Family Psychotherapy


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Couple & Family

Gail works with a wide range of adult couples; who want to build closer and happier relationships, either together, or apart! She works with couples who want to rebuild closeness/intimacy, or with separating couples (focussing on positive co-parenting). Improving communication, and understanding between one another is a key part of the work.

She also works with whole families. This includes parents and children of all ages, grandparents, siblings, carers, and friends. She aims to understand what’s important in your family life, try to help you feel safe in talking about the things that matter to you, with you, and help you to reflect on family strengths.

Gail is also trained and experienced in delivering Multi Family Therapy (MFT) groups, and leads these as part of a team. MFT groups work on increasing family understanding and resilience, and reducing stigma and isolation that families can sometimes feel when dealing with problems.

March 20 update

During the Corona Virus outbreak, Gail is offering this support via video counselling.   Gail uses an easy to use, free, secure (encrypted) system called VSee and full details can be sent on request.

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