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-Helen Keller

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Are you a therapist, looking for supervision? If so, this is something that we can each offer.

Trevor has an abundance of experience supervising placement counsellors and peer supervising qualified colleagues at Leicester DMU.

Gail has provided systemic supervision to a wide range of practitioners (nurses, dieticians, systemic & family practitioners) in the NHS since 2011. She works with staff team groups in schools too - to promote better individual well-being and team resilience. In addition to this, she gained a P.G. Cert in Supervision Skills for Mental Health Professionals (2018).

Could your staff team (whether in school, hospital, charity or another caring context) use some regular space to think about the effects of working in emotionally demanding environment?

Gail has provided consultation and training to CAMHS, nursing teams, medical and social work students. Her early work in secondary education (PGCE) places her well for delivering consultation (offering advice on mental health and well-being strategies), staff support and delivering Multi Family Therapy groups to young people and their families in schools.

Are you a client struggling with confidence or anxiety issues? Would you consider joining a group for a workshop?

Trevor’s experience is helping him to shape some exciting programmes. Trevor has designed and led on workshops for clients on a variety of themes; such as ‘managing anxiety/stress’, and ‘confidence building’.

Gail offers a small, monthly Systemic Consultation Group for practitioners wanting to learn more about working relationally. We intermittently run small workshops from our Heswall base. Please contact ‘We Do Counselling’ for further information.

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